Entrepreneurs versus Cheaters


Do you want to run your business without coming across cheaters? Do you know the typical tricks and techniques fraudsters  use against entrepreneurs? How can you prevent risk to avoid harming your own business?

Following his successful book, How to Run a Business without Risk (2016), Vladimir John, the founder of Meriglobe, is coming up with another practical manual on how to manage a business while avoiding the frequent pitfalls that could threaten its success.

Entrepreneurs versus Cheaters offers a comprehensive overview of the most frequent types of fraud committed against company owners. Learn more about them through specific examples that have actually happened. You can see what mistakes other entrepreneurs made and how it influenced their business.

Becoming acquainted with the typical cheaters’ tricks and methods you can easily minimize the risk of becoming a victim yourself. Get informed and well prepared and stay away from the cheaters!


Pdf, epub

Vladimír John