Audiobook + workbook:

How to Search for New Employees


This workbook is primarily intended for students wanting to learn both business and English, as it combines the two in a unique way. With this book, you will learn new English words and phrases that you will certainly make use of when conducting business, while acquiring valuable business know-how at the same time.
The success or failure of every company depends primarily on the quality of employees and the cooperation of the entire team. Learn everything about company staffing, recruiting new employees, developing their skills in the company, drafting employee contracts, paying wages and terminating employment. Get a comprehensive overview of how to create a successful personnel strategy in your company.
Table of contents:
  • Thoroughly prepare for your employee search
  • Prepare a detailed description of the job position
  • Select the most suitable manner of addressing new candidates
  • Learn to properly read a resume
  • Be prepared for personal interviews
  • Do not underestimate references
  • Master effective motivation
  • Do not forget all the important details in employment contracts
  • Thoroughly train new employees
  • Regularly monitor and assess employee performance
  • Don’t neglect personnel planning
  • Consider risk when hiring
CLOSING ADVICE: Have a personnel strategy.
Includes: podcast + workbook
Vladimír John