Audiobook + workbook:

The Ten Commandments of a Successful Entrepreneur


This workbook is primarily intended for students wanting to learn both business and English, as it combines the two in a unique way. With this book, you will learn new English words and phrases that you will certainly make use of when conducting business, while acquiring valuable business know-how at the same time.
The ten commandments of a successful entrepreneur reveal a set of rules obeyed by entrepreneurs who are running successful businesses in the long-term. Business is affected by many variables, but every entrepreneur can affect those which are essential for success. Which are they? This audiobook intended for all entrepreneurs explains them.
OPENING ADVICE: Love your customer
  • Keep a firm grip on your company
  • Never stop thinking about strategy
  • Be the market leader
  • Only build one brand
  • Innovate with care
  • Collect business cards
  • Build your company with the goal of selling
  • Pay attention to your profits, assets and liabilities
  • Keep developing
  • Don’t only think about profits
CLOSING ADVICE: Live and let live…
Includes: podcast + workbook
Vladimír John