Ten Commandments of a Good Entrepreneur


TEN COMMANDMENTS OF A GOOD ENTREPRENEUR will teach you especially what you should not forget before you start a business and, if you are already running one, what steps should take to protect your business and family assets.

OPENING ADVICE: Don’t risk losing a lot for little gain!


  • The kind of person you are is reflected in your business dealings!
  • When drafting a business plan, take risk into account!
  • Choose a field of business with a competitive advantage!
  • Separate your personal and family assets from your business!
  • Choose the right form of business!
  • Do business by yourself or pick your partners very carefully!
  • Establish the right price for starting your business!
  • Have financing for the entire project ready in advance, including reserves!
  • Think about company costs in advance and continually try to optimize these!
  • Keep written accounts of all your business relationships from the beginning!

CLOSING ADVICE: Do not spend more than you earn and make reserves for bad times!



Vladimír John